Wild curls..


I think curls are becoming kind of my thing, they keep coming back in my paintings and I love to swirl my brush around making them, it’s like dancing with paint. The curls and big hair give my paintings a look of wildness, and I often feel the urge to combine it with calmness; to balance it.

I wasn’t always so happy with curls, especially not my own actual curls when I was a little girl. They kept getting into knots and it was often painful to get them out, I remember once we had to go to the hairdresser to cut a really big one out of my hair, I was pretty upset..

But of course I got used to them and by the time I was a teenager I was a specialist in taming my curls and tying them back, controlling them.

I just love the symbolism here; curls can be seen as wildness, letting go, go with the flow (or the wind), dancing, playing around. When I tried to tame my curls and tying them up, I was very occupied with trying to get control of my life, fitting in, holding on, often with a lot of tension (fuzzy damaged hair..)
Step by step I have learned to let go more, unleash my hair, let it move by itself, let it float on the wind, enjoying it, finding my own way and my own community.

What if we look as curls as challenges, as paths we can take, sometimes we get lost, sometimes we end up in a knot, that can feel save, as in a shell, or hard like in a cage, we can take us out of the knots, be brave, continue choosing waves and curves, paths, finding our own flow and release our energy being ourselves, finding our own personal truth.

Let’s play with our curls!

2 reacties op ‘Wild curls..

  1. Eefje,

    Absolutely adore your curls, their significance of ” Wildness, letting go, dancing, and playing around” As a woman, and child who had stick straight hair, I always wanted curls. My sister had them, yet sh grew her hair long in order to tame them. The heaviness of her hair kept the curls away. I was sad, because I loved them. But, I always stuck by her thought of not wanting them, to support her.
    I always wanted the curls, she always wanted the straight hair. My own hair won’t hold a curl. I can set my hair for hours, overnight, or with the latest curling irons, but the curls quickly lose their bounce, and I’m stuck with my straight hair once again.
    We always want what we do not have, it’s human nature, embracing what we do have, and going with the “flow” is so much easier, and liberating.
    I also absolutely adore this painting, it’s really wonderful and I bet it was much fun to create!
    May you feel your own inner light, is lovely.
    Also, love to,read your blog, thank you! It’s so uplifting, so happy, and free!

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    1. Thank you Tara, for your wonderful comment! And I agree, it’s human nature to want what we don’t have and our big challenge to embrace what we do have! Let’s keep working on that!


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