Inner silence and outer strength

I feel so alive!!!

The sun is shining and there is a squirrel just outside my window! Yoohoo! I just love these small wonders of nature, of every day life! And I love that I love these moments 🙂

Yesterday I had kind of the same feeling, even though spring was nowhere to be seen, but I was very inspired to dance and paint so I decided to include some dancing in my mindfulness class which I would held that evening….ooooh so exciting! What would my lovely Swedish ladies think of this?

Well….they said the thought it felt ridiculous in the beginning, that it was a bit embarrassing, but when they got the hang of it they liked the fact that they were much more in their bodies, they were more aware of their bodies and felt the energy flowing.

Yes!! That was what I was hoping for! But what struck me was the fact that they said it was ridiculous and embarrassing to start with, I totally forgot how it can be, can feel for an adult who is not used to play let yourself go…just move to the music as you feel like, like small children do often automatically when you put on some music..

I also teach family yoga and there I see the same with new families, there is always some hesitance to play along, to do crazy things, to act as their children. Why is that?

Are we as adults only allowed to be serious, colorless, boring and rigid? Do we have too much other more important stuff to do so that we can not play anymore? Why?

I actually tend to feel that I have to be serious, because other people expect me to and only take me serious when I am… Oooh.. those tricky expectations…

But I believe that being a grown-up is not about being serious, it’s about taking responsibility for your life, for your actions, believe in yourself and stand up for who you are.

And who am I? I am Eefje and I like to play from time to time!

I like to dance silly when nobody is around…(or is looking..)

I LOVE colors

I like to sing in the rain, riding my bike

But I have to be honest, I am on my way, it’s a life’s journey this standing up for who you are and what helps me a lot on my journey is my meditation practice.

I keep coming back to this, but it is so important to me, it’s my sacred me-time. I get to go inside and rediscover myself every time, find my own peaceful place inside me, calming down my mind and getting clarity and new inspiration.

Afterwards I feel calm, safe, strong and committed to be me.

So as with everything that is important to me lately, I made a painting about it!

inner silence

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