In this studio earthly creations arise and evolve, full of light, love and magic.

There is always space for spirit animals and other creatures of nature and our connection to Mother Earth and the Universe.


An impression

In the gallery you can find some of my work, to get an impression.

You can follow me and my latest artwork on my Instagram and Facebook page.

Artwork for sale

My artwork is for sale.

You can find my online offer with original artwork, cards and prints here.

I love to see my creations find a new home!

About me

I am Eefje, an artist from The Netherlands and I like to share my creations about the strength of gentleness, (self) compassion and earthly spirituality with you.

Every creation is a piece of my soul and I love it when my paintings and the stories behind it resonate with others.

I am a self-taught artist. I do courses when I feel I have something to learn and other than that I experiment a lot, I practice and I play with different materials, techniques and styles.
The cards and posters I make from my work are printed on paper made from agricultural waste. Using as much as possible Mother-Earth-friendly materials is very important for me.

Besides painting I love to be outside, especially in a forest and in the hills. I love to wander around barefoot, enjoying nature’s energy, reconnecting to Mother Earth, talking to the trees, becoming inspired and calm, becoming more my self.

Don’t Quit Your Day Dream Interview

I had this amazing interview about my creative work and my dreams with the wonderful Andrea Schroeder of the “Creative Dream Incubator” (https://www.creativedreamincubator.com/)
You can check it out here!


I love to connect with you, please feel free to reach out and I will get back to you shortly!