Being lovingly curious

liefdevolle nieuwsgierigheid klein

I love painting eyes, it is a challenge to get an expression in them, to make them look they are alive. I love the expression ‘your eyes are the windows of your soul’. Your eyes are the senses which you use to observe the world, to really see others, not just look at them, but see them for who they are.

Two weeks ago I had lost my voice after a day of teaching. Next day I had a trainings session where we were expected to sing and talk a lot. I was so frustrated in the beginning! I really wanted to show myself, use my voice (more than just the literal way).

After a while of feeling this frustration and feeling sad about myself, I discovered that I had received a gift. Being unable to speak had opened a door to observing; seeing the others for who they are and really listening without judgment. I realized that too often I just want to be seen and heard, I want to be right, I want to know better, I want to be in control.

But not having total control and being able to observe, only observe, no judgments, no jumping in with your own story, opens a whole new world of possibilities, of wonderful insights and new parts of others I had never seen before!

Someone said the other day: ‘Wees liefdevol nieuwsgierig en luister met je oren aan je hart’ which means:’Be lovingly curious and listen with your ears at your heart’ and that’s what I painted.

Not to forget now having my voice back again!


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